It’s not Math Magic, It’s Consistency.

Most learners are usually very serious and following through their revision plans at the beginning of the term/semester and towards tests/exams.
This is the time you find most of them not sleeping enough because they think that sleep will cost them the good marks they long for. They normally wake up around 2am in night to read, most high school students from Uganda call it “winter”.
There is a section of learners who are not bothered by the “winter” craze. They seem unserious according to their peers.
Irrespective of their revision habits, they all do tests and get varying results.
Now, there is something that sends most learners in shock. There is(are) always that(those) student(s) that seem lazy but perform exceptionally well in math. Many think they grasp facts during the lessons while others think it’s magical.
It is not magic. It is the “one by one makes a bundle” trick. Yes, they do bits of revision CONSISTENTLY.
Instead of doing 50 math questions a few days to the test, they do about 5 everyday. Understand what is required and solve the problems. By the time of doing tests/exams, they are not under any kind of stress or pressure because they are already prepared.
The brightest student can fail math and the so called average student can excel beyond expectations. It all zeros down to revision habits.
Giving math concepts enough time helps learners understand,apply them and seek for help where necessary.
Is your child the “last minute” type or the “one by one makes a bundle” type?

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